The couple Shiri & Ido Shalom founded the boutique office “Shalom Architecture & Interior Design”, in an ambition to provide complete and perfect planning and designing solutions.

The combination of these two talented young dreamers, brought top value, integrating the old along with the new in the architectural and design world.

Ido Shalom – Ruppin Academic Center graduate.

Preservation Architect.

Specializes in restoration and Conservation architecture. Accumulated experience of over a decade, Ido has planned several of the largest scale restoration projects in Israel. Preservation of historical compounds, ejecting documentation files, and facades preservation.

Ido is also involved with private house planning, permits, urban renewal and building extensions.

Interior Designer.-Shiri Shalom

Specializes in designing and planning the perfect functional home for its owners. Known for her modern minimalist designs, Shiri is a clean modern home designer. Shiri studies the behavior of the individual at his home and plans all his needs into a serving functional home.

The unique meeting point of Shiri and Ido enables the preservation of buildings for residence or commercial designs.

The office offers luxury home planning, private residence planning, home renovations, apartment renovations, and also, commercial space designs such as – offices, stores, and restaurant designs. 

"We believe that the combination of a personal altitude, accompanied with professional uncompromising work will lead the way to your dream home.
We sanctify the experience our clients will receive from our services in their new property. Shiri & Ido"